Mosaic Place to feature the top bull riders from all across North America

MOOSE JAW, Saskatchewan – The Mosaic Place has seen plenty of action over the last six and a half years. Nothing is hotter than the Professional Bull Riders Moose Jaw Powered by Young’s Equipment, set for 7 p.m. Saturday, June 9, at Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw.

“What makes that event special is the production that Chad (Besplug) and the Alpha Bull team put on mixed with a great crowd inside that building,” said Scott Schiffner, a two-time Canadian champion bull rider from Strathmore, Alberta. “Anytime we can go into a building like that, it’s really great. I’d rather go into a building that seats 4,000 and is jammed to the rafters than into an 18,000-seat arena that has only 9,000 in it.

“It was packed. The crowd’s really into it and into each other. Everybody gets excited and makes for a good bull riding.” Schiffner knows. In addition to his Canadian Professional Rodeo Association titles, he is a two-time Calgary Stampede winner, a PBR Canada champion and a PBR Canada Finals titlist. The 37-year-old Albertan has been around the game for some time.

“For someone like me and where I’m at in my career, for someone my age, I look for settings like that,” he said. “I’ve had the opportunity to ride in lots of venues and lots of places, and now I’m constantly looking for that place that I can feed off. Anytime you can get into a building like that, it reminds me why I’m in this sport.”

He has excelled at every level and in just about any size arena. He proved how much he liked the Mosaic Place last year when he walked away with the title.

“That was the first time I’d competed there,” Schiffner said. “Anytime you can win, it’s good, and it doesn’t matter where. That’s what we’re meant to do. When we show up, we expect to win. With the crowd and the Alpha Bull event Chad puts on, it just makes for an overall great experience.”

“I think the biggest thing about it is that Chad’s not too far removed from being a bull rider. He understands what it takes for us as bull riders – what we’re looking for, the bulls we want to get on and the atmosphere we like to compete in. He still has a direct connection with us.”

Written by Ted Harbin