Started with a Rich History

While the jury is still out on exactly when and where the first official rodeo took place, cowboys have been showcasing their riding and roping skills in a variety of formats for nearly two centuries. Chad Besplug grew up in southern Alberta, the heart of Canada’s western culture, with rodeo running through his veins.

Becoming a champion

It wasn’t always easy, but to say he got the job done is an understatement. Chad Besplug is a three-time Canadian champion, PBR world finalist, and $100,000 winner of the Calgary Stampede. Bull riding was an obsession for Chad. Now retired, that same mental focus has shifted to giving the events that raised him a new pulse.

Producing Rank Events

Alpha Bull is bringing a new force to the rich rodeo history. Evolution of the sport will continue and Alpha Bull will be on the forefront. Alpha Bull events are a mashup of country meets rock n’ roll, with thousand-pound bulls, gritty cowboys, 90-point rides, gut-wrenching wrecks, and fist-pumping fans (yes – it happens). It’s real, second by second action. It’s a risky business for the men who are driven to ride, that’s why Alpha Bull is committed to providing the best bull fighters, sports medicine and paramedic teams at every event. We have the utmost respect for our fans, the cowboys, and the bulls.

Creating a Brand

Outside of the arena, Chad toted a signature style. He didn’t always “look the part” of a classic cowboy, but you don’t need to look the part when you are it. Alpha Bull apparel is about being original and working your ass off at whatever it is that lights you up. Letting everyone know what you’re about, without saying a damn thing. Wear it when you work, ride (bikes, horses, surfboards, bulls, chairlifts), help, bobsled, paint, go for beers with friends… you get the idea. When do you wear it?